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Technical Bulletin: Thread Galling

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Fitting.Made.Easy. Technical Bulletin Thread Galling   Thread galling is a common concern with stainless steel fittings.  When two surfaces come into contact with each other there can be adhesion which can cause a tearing of the metal on the thread.  This is referred to as thread galling.   Galling will […]


Technical Bulletin: Taper Threads

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Fitting.Made.Easy. Technical Bulletin Tapered Threads   OmegaOne manufactures stainless steel hydraulic fittings and adapters in a variety of thread types. There are two main categories of threads which encompass the offering from OmegaOne. The two types of threads are straight or parallel threads and taper threads that both perform and […]


British Thread Reducing Adapter

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This British Thread Reducing Adapter is 1/2″ male BSPP by -3 SAE Female thread.  This adapter also required the hex to be milled down to 30mm.


Weld On Swivel Elbow

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Have you ever needed a flare fitting by weld-on?  OmegaOne has made a special BHJS-4-SE for a customer who needs to connect their metal hose assembly using an elbow rather than the standard straight weld-on fitting.  OmegaOne is able to modify any of our elbow fittings, Flare, Flareless or Pipe […]

Braid Band Size

How to Size Braid Bands

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Braid bands, also referred to as braid sleeves or braid ferrules, are used to secure woven braided sleeves that cover corrugated metal hoses. The braided sleeve provides strength to the corrugated metal hose, and also protects the hose from abrasion. The AMFM Braid Band retains the braided sleeve against the […]


British Thread Connector

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This special straight thread connector is a 1/2″ flare tube fitting by 1/2″ British Standard Parallel Port (BSPP) thread.  This BSPP fitting was manufactured with a bonded seal.  The bonded seal integrates the steel plated retaining washer and the rubber o-ring offering a one piece solution. The TX-8-GC-BSPP has a […]

Agile Supply Chains

Agile Supply Chains: Reducing Costs while Increasing Productivity

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Most manufacturers these days are extremely familiar with the supply chain concept of “lean,” which centers on minimizing waste. But a new supply chain methodology is climbing the ranks in the list of manufacturing principles, and many experts argue that this new strategy may actually prove more beneficial for some […]

Manufacturing back to US

5 Undeniable Benefits of Reshoring

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In recent years, there has been a strong push from both American consumers and American businesses to bring manufacturing back home to the U.S. This growing interest in “reshoring” isn’t surprising: Following the offshoring movement (the process of sending jobs from the U.S. to foreign countries with cheaper labor) that […]


Class 3 Threads

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OmegaOne manufactured this special 1″ BHJS with Class 3 threads and lock wire. United Thread Standards are used to define the machining of threads. The standards cover many different aspects of threaded products, including products OmegaOne manufactures.  There are three primary classification categories used.  OmegaOne manufactures primarily Class 2 threads […]


Monel Specials

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OmegaOne is your source for exotic special fittings. We offer the fastest deliveries in the industry. OmegaOne produced a series of special Monel fittings for a customer. This project contained four different configurations, BSPT by JIC, and BHJS-16 Two fitting were manufactured to hold 5,000 PSI at a 4:1 safety […]