Flare Tube Fittings (TX)

Flare Tube Fittings (TX)


The OmegaOne TX series fitting is a 37 degree Stainless Steel Flare Fittings or JIC (Joint Industry Council) fitting. The SAE 37⁰ flare fitting is among the most reliable and durable fittings made making it the most popular type of tube fitting in North America. Defined by Joint Industry Council (JIC), the SAE 37⁰ flare fitting is commonly referred to as the JIC fitting. The SAE flare fitting is defined by SAE specification J514 which supersedes MIL-F-18866 another commonly referenced standard for tube fittings.


The flare fitting involves three components, a fitting body, a flare sleeve and flare nut. The tubing used with flare fittings is seamless DOM (Drawn-Over-Mandrel) tubing. Welded tubing cannot be used to contain the pressures used commonly used in tube systems. Flaring tube is done either by hand with a flaring tool or more commonly a tube flaring machine. TX fittings are sold body only, TX nuts (TX-N) and sleeves (TX-S) are available independently or as part of a complete assembly. All TX series Flare Fittings are manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel.


The tubing is flared to accept the 37⁰ flare nose of the fitting, the tube is flared to approximately 74⁰. When the nut is tightened it forces the sleeve and the tube together forming a metal to metal seal. The metal to metal seal is very tolerant to minor surface imperfections making the fitting durable. Flare fittings are tolerant of variations in hydraulic systems making it easy to install, service and reuse. Re-assembly of a flare fitting does not require that any components be replaced.


The SAE flare fitting is most commonly used to connect tube or hose in high pressure and or high temperature applications. The JIC flare fitting is very tolerant to extreme high and low temperatures or thermal shock.

Flare Tube Fittings (TX) Part Number Chart

OmegaOne Airway MS SAE Parker SSP Description
BN 306 51860 080118 WLN BN Bulkhead Locknut
403 BJ OD Socket-Weld x Male Flare
TX-N 318 51531 70110 BTX JN Flare Nut (JIC)
TX-S 319 51533 70115 TX JS Flare Sleeve (JIC)
TX-Z 304-C 51532 70112 FNTX JZ Cap
TX-U 2403 51501 70101 HTX JU Flare (JIC) Hex Union
TX-LHU 2403-LH 51519 70119 LHTX JLHU Large Hex Union
TX-C 2404 51500 70102 FTX JC Male Connector
TX-LC 2404-L 71802 FFTX JLC Male Connector Long
TX-FC 2405 51503 70103 GTX JFC Female Connector
TX-TER 2406 51534 TRBTX JTER Tube End (JIC) Reducer
TX-P 2408 51518 70109 PNTX JP Plug
TX-E 2500 51505 70201 ETX J-E Flare (JIC) Union Elbow
TX-ME 2501 51504 70202 CTX JME 90° Male Elbow
TX-LME 2501-L 71502 CCTX JLME 90° Male Elbow Long
TX-LLME 2501-LL CCCTX 90° Male Elbow Extra Long
TX-FE 2502 51506 70203 DTX JFE 90° Female Elbow
TX-ME-45° 2503 51508 70302 VTX JME-45° 45° Male Elbow
TX-E-45° 2504 71502 Flare Union Elbow 45°
TX-TTM 2601 51512 70425 STX JTTM Male Branch Tee
TX-TTF 2602 51513 70427 OTX JTTF Female Branch Tee
TX-T 2603 51510 70401 JTX JT Union Tee
TX-TMT 2605 51511 70424 RTX JTMT Male Run Tee
TX-TFT 2606 51514 70425 MTX JTFT Female Run Tee
TX-BU 2700 51520 70601 WTX JBU Bulkhead Union
TX-BE 2701 51507 70701 WETX JBE Bulkhead Union Elbow
TX-BE-45° 2702 51509 70801 WNTX JBE-45° 45° Bulkhead Union Elbow
TX-BBT 2703 51523 70959 WJTX JBBT Bulkhead Branch Tee
TX-BRT 2704 51516 70958 WJJTX JBRT Bulkhead Run Tee
TX-BFC 2705 WGXT JBFC Female JIC Bulkhead Connector
TX-BMC 2706 WFTX JBC Male JIC Bulkhead Connector
TX-GC 6400-0 51525 70120 F5X JGC Straight Thread O-Ring Connector
TX-LGC 6400-L 51526 70120 FF5X JLGC Straight Thread O-Ring Ext. Connector
TX-SE 6500 51521 70221 C6X JSE 90° Swivel Nut Elbow
TX-SE-45° 6502 51522 70321 V6X JSE-45° Swivel Nut 45° Elbow
TX-SBT 6600 51524 70433 S6X JSBT Swivel Nut Male Branch Tee
TX-SRT 6602 70432 R6X JSRT Swivel Nut Run Tee
TX-GE 6801 51527 70220 C5X JGE Straight Thread O-Ring 90° Elbow
TX-GE-45° 6802 51528 70320 V5X JGE-45° Straight Thread O-Ring 45° Elbow
TX-GBT 6803 51529 70429 S5X JGBT Straight Thread O-Ring Branch Tee
TX-GRT 6804 51530 70428 R5X JGRT Straight Thread O-Ring Run Tee
JS-ME 6501 X6EF JSME Elbow 90 JIC Swivel/Male
JS-JS 6565 HX6 JSU Swivel Nut Union
JS-GC 6402 F650X JSGC Swivel Straight Thread Connector
JS-FC 6506 G6X JSFC Swivel Female Connector
JS-C 6505 JX6 JS-C Swivel Connector