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The Benefits of Complete Material Traceability

By OmegaOne
June 11, 2019 Category: Material Traceability

At OmegaOne, we manufacturer stainless steel hydraulic fittings and adapters. We also manufacturer braid bands for use in the metal hosts application process. In order to ensure complete customer satisfaction and quality assurance, we offer material traceability for all of our products. All of Our Fittings and Braid Bandsare Fully Traceable Material traceability is the ability for our products to be marked with a code and or information. This identifies our product as made by OmegaOne, so our company logo and material type are part of that process as well as a three-digit heat code. What thisallows us to do is either at the time of order or following the order you can contact us for the information, and we can easily retrieve it. We can offer whats called a certificate of compliance, which states the material properties. We can also provide whats called the full MTR material traceability report that goes all the way back to the raw material and how the metal was formed. Why OmegaOne

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