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British Thread Reducing Adapter

By Morgan McIntosh
March 07, 2017 Category: Custom Fittings, Manufacturing

This British Thread Reducing Adapter is 1/2 male BSPP by -3 SAE Female thread. This adapter also required the hex to be milled down to 30mm.

Weld on Swivel Elbow

By Morgan McIntosh
February 13, 2017 Category: Custom Fittings, Manufacturing

Have you ever needed a flare fitting by weld-on? OmegaOne has made a special BHJS-4-SE for a customer who needs to connect their metal hose assembly using an elbow rather than the standard straight weld-on fitting. OmegaOne is able to modify any of our elbow fittings, Flare, Flareless or Pipe Swivel fittings to mate to a welded metal hose. Inquire with our sales team today to develop a solution to your metal hose fabrication solution.

British Thread Connector

By Morgan McIntosh
October 31, 2016 Category: Custom Fittings, Manufacturing

This special straight thread connector is a 1/2 flare tube fitting by 1/2 British Standard Parallel Port (BSPP) thread. This BSPP fitting was manufactured with a bonded seal. The bonded seal integrates the steel plated retaining washer and the rubber o-ring offering a one piece solution. The TX-8-GC-BSPP has a groove machined on the face of the hex and the o-ring seal seats flat against the opposing flat surface. BSPP Threads There are two types of British Standard Pipe Threads. There is the BSP/BSPT which refer to the same thread standard which is for a taper thread. The BSPP standard refers to a straight thread vs the taper thread of the BSPT. BSPP stands for British Standard Pipe Parallel thread. Popular in Europe including the UK as well as parts of Asia, the BSPP straight thread fitting seals with a bonded seal to accomplish the seal. The bonded seal (similar to an O-Ring on an SAE straight thread) is compressed between the shoulder of the fitting and the face of the female thread

Monel Specials

By Morgan McIntosh
July 29, 2016 Category: Custom Fittings, Manufacturing

OmegaOne is your source for exotic special fittings. We offer the fastest deliveries in the industry. OmegaOne produced a series of special Monel fittings for a customer. This project contained four different configurations, BSPT by JIC, and BHJS-16 Two fitting were manufactured to hold 5,000 PSI at a 4:1 safety factor, a 1 1/2 JIC Flare Fitting 45 degree Swivel Elbow and a 1 1/2 swivel straight thread connector Thread End Reducer (TER). Contact our sales team to assist with you special high pressure or exotic metal fitting requirements.

Class 3 Thread

By Morgan McIntosh
July 29, 2016 Category: Custom Fittings, Manufacturing

OmegaOne manufactured this special 1 BHJS with Class 3 threads and lock wire. United Thread Standards are used to define the machining of threads. The standards cover many different aspects of threaded products, including products OmegaOne manufactures. There are three primary classification categories used. OmegaOne manufactures primarily Class 2 threads which are call for on with our standard product. Class 2 threads are the most common, the level to which OmegaOne fittings are manufactured to as standard. In some occasions, Class 3 threads are used in manufacturing when tighter tolerances are required. A customer recently requested a standard BHJS fitting with a few special modifications. This BHJS fitting was manufactured to a Class 3 threads as well as incorporating a lock wire to incorporate an additional level of safety. Contact the OmegaOne sale team today for help to construct your special fitting needs! Click this link for additional information regarding UTS thread

Custom Laser Tag Plug P-HP

By Morgan McIntosh
June 10, 2016 Category: Custom Fittings, Manufacturing

A customer approached OmegaOne with a special request. On a standard pipe plug (P-6-HP) the customer required a special tag marked on the head of the plug. Saving the customer the time, cost and effort of tagging the parts themselves OmegaOne provided a solution with parts delivered on time and ready for the application!

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