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11000 PSI High Pressure Fittings

By Morgan McIntosh
June 08, 2016 Category: Products

To meet pressure requirements for a special application OmegaOne developed a two special Male Flare Connectors (TX-24-C and TX-24-16-C) and a Thread End Reducer (TX-32-24-TER) to accommodate an application requiring 11,000 psi and maintaining a safety factor of 4:1. These parts shipped with full material certification for this critical application. If you have special product requirements, contact OmegaOne so we can assist with your high pressure applications.

O-Ring Face Seal 45 Degree Elbow

By Morgan McIntosh
May 23, 2016 Category: Products

Face Seal Fittings offer the best seal of all our stainless steel fittings. Our specials department went to work again to help a customer with a difficult to find Face Seal fitting in a 45 degree elbow configuration. This special run was produced in two weeks exceeding the requirements from our customer!

Port Thread T Fitting

By Morgan McIntosh
April 15, 2016 Category: Products

Recently, OmegaOne manufactured a size 4 and size 6 port thread on a TTF fitting for a customer. Our standard TX-4-TT and TX-6-TTF were adapted to accommodate a port thread rather than the standard pipe thread. Special fitting turned around in 2 weeks!

KTX Teflon Seal Flare Fitting

By Morgan McIntosh
March 23, 2016 Category: Products

Rising cost and long delivery caused a customer to approach OmegaOne to help. Our sales and technical group developed a new flare fitting configuration. OmegaOnes KTX Flare Fitting incorporates a Teflon seal in a groove machined into the nose of the fitting. The result is secondary sealing surface in addition to the traditional seal on a 37 degree flare fitting. OmegaOne produced a 1/2 x 1/2 Male Straight Connector KTX-8-8-C (pictured) 1/2 x 1/2 Male Elbow Connector KTX-8-8-ME and a 1/2 x 3/4 Elbow Male Connector KTX-12-8-ME (pictured) for this project. KTX Flare fittings are available 1/4 through 2 How can OmegaOne help you solve your cost, delivery and quality problems? Contact us today or call 800-333-2636 to speak with our sales team directly.

MTR Heat Codes

By Morgan McIntosh
February 01, 2016 Category: Products

Beginning in 2016, OmegaOne is marking straight fittings with heat codes along with forged fittings which are presently marked with a heat code. Full matching MTRs are available with these parts. In addition, the OmegaOne logo and material type are marked on the part as well. Material type and company logo are will also begin appearing on forged parts in 2016.

Flareless Bite-Type 2 Tee Fitting (F-23-T)

By Morgan McIntosh
December 09, 2015 Category: Products

The specials team at OmegaOne was required to think outside the box for a customer recently. Unable to locate a forging to make 4) 2 Flareless Bite-Type Compression fittings our team obtained stainless steel block and milled the material down to manufacture the part. the order of 4 fittings was placed and shipped in less than 2 weeks! Contact OmegaOne today with your challenging specials and let us help you today!

AMFM Braid Bands Product Info.

By Morgan McIntosh
November 05, 2015 Category: Products

Our AMFM Braid Bands are still here. Explore to find the right solution for you.

Our Products

By Morgan McIntosh
November 03, 2015 Category: Products

Take a look at our product lines.

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