Fittings Made Easy with OmegaOne

Fittings made easy with OmegaOne | Cleveland, Ohio

At OmegaOne, we manufacture stainless steel hydraulic fittings and adapters. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide our customers with standard, custom, easy fittings with top quality and material traceability.

We make a variety of fittings in sizes from 1/8 of an inch through 2 inches. All of our products are manufactured domestically in the United States.

Common Fittings We Manufacture:

  • Omega Flare, 37-degree flare fitting
  • Omega Bite, bite type flareless fitting
  • Omega Pipe, NPT pipe and NPSM swivel fittings
  • Omega Hose, including hose barb and weld end fittings
  • Weld end fittings

collage of fittings from OmegaOne | Cleveland, Ohio

OmegaOne focuses on being a solution provider, and we have excellent availability. Our lead times are the shortest in the industry, and we keep a generous inventory.

OmegaOne Manufactures the AMFM Braid Band

One of the products that we manufacture is an AMFM Braid Band. OmegaOne introduced braid bands which revolutionized the hose fitting industry. These braid bands are used for welding together industrial metal hoses. We make a variety of different sizes.

To complement the braid band product line, we also make solid bands for up to two-inch hose. We also make wrap bands with sizes all the way up to a 12-inch hose.

Accompanying that line with our adapters and hose fittings is a weld end style hose fittings. This is designed to be used with industrial metal. We make a male pipe thread and a female swivel JIC which are the most commonly used while fitting in the ignition.

OmegaOne Offers Special Fittings

As our goal is to provide our customers with fitting solutions, we created the braid band fittings, have a huge inventory, and we stock many of the specialty fittings that other major suppliers do not.

We have a department that will work with customers when they need a custom jump size or jump sizes that aren't as common for other companies to stock. We have the ability to do shorter runs. We make fittings easy!

To learn more about OmegaOne's large variety of fitting from standard to special, browse our catalog. If you have any questions about our products or what we can manufacture for you, contact us today!

Fittings made easy with OmegaOne | Cleveland, Ohio

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