Flareless Tube Fittings (F)

The OmegaOne F series Stainless Steel Flareless Fitting is the single ferrule “bite-type” or compression style fitting. The SAE Flareless fitting is most commonly referred to as a “bite-type” tube fitting. Flareless Tube fitting works with tube that is not flared. The Flareless Tube Fitting is made up of three components, the fitting body nut and ferrule. During assembly when the nut is tightened down, the ferrule “bites” into the tube to the point it forms a seal that will not leak. The single ferrule flareless tube fitting is also commonly referred to as a compression fitting, but should not be confused with a double ferrule compression style fitting.

Flareless (F Series) fittings are sold as a complete assembly, unless otherwise specified. Flareless nuts and sleeves are not available for individual sale. OmegaOne Flareless Nuts have a grey appearance due the molly coating process helped to increase the performance of the nut. All F Series Flareless Fittings are manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel.

The Flareless fitting is ideal for systems with high vibration as it dampens vibration better than flare fittings. If an application calls for thicker tube a flareless fitting is a better solution because the flareless fitting does not require the tube end to be flared. Once the ferrule is in place and set, the assembly will not leak, making it very reliable, more reliable that the 37 degree flare fitting.

A drawback to the flareless fitting is that is required the pre-set before final assembly to ensure proper function. Once set and assembled the fitting may be take a part to service, however, once the ferrule is set in the tube it is not reusable.

OmegaOne Airway MS SAE Parker SSP Description
BN 306 51860 080118 WLN BN Bulkhead Locknut
F-Z C304-C 51890 80112 FNU MZ Cap Assy.
F-N C318 51823 80110 BU MN Nut
F-S C319 51825 080115A TU MS Sleeve
F-TXU C2402 ... 80119 XHBU MJ-U Uhion Adapter
F-U C2403 51814 80101 HBU MU Small Hex Union
F-LHU C2403-LH 51856 80119 LHBU MLHU Large Hex Union
F-C C2404 51819 80102 FBU MC Male Connector
F-FC C2405 51816 80103 GBU MFC Female Connector
F-TER C2406 ... 80123 TRBU M-TER Reducer
F-P C2408 51891 80109 PNU MP Plug
F-E C2500 51820 80201 EBU ME 90° Union Elbow
F-ME C2501 51815 80202 CBU MME 90° Male Elbow
F-LME C2501-L ... ... CCBU M-LME 90° Male Elbow Long
F-LLME C2501-LL ... ... CCCBU M-LLME 90° Male Elbow Extra Long
F-FE C2502 51813 80203 DBU MFE 90° Female Elbow
F-ME-45° C2503 51817 80202 VBU MME-45 45° Male Elbow
F-TTM C2601 51818 80425 SBU MTTM Male Branch Tee
F-TTF C2602 51821 80427 OBU MTTF Female Branch Tee
F-T C2603 51811 80401 JBU MT Union Tee
F-TMT C2605 51824 80424 RBU MTMT Male Run Tee
F-TFT C2606 51822 80426 MBU MTFT Female Run Tee
F-BU C2700 51812 80601 WBU MBU Bulkhead Union
F-BE C2701 51855 80424 WEBU M-BE 90° Bulkhead Union Elbow
F-TX2U C2707 ... 80424 XH2BU MJ-BU Bulkhead Union Adapter
F-GC C6400 51843 80120 F5BU MGC Straight Thread O-Ring Connector
F-LGC C6400-L 51893 ... FF5BU M-LGC Straight Thread O-Ring Ext. Connector
F-SE C6500 51852 80221 C6BU MSE 90° Swivel Nut Elbow
F-SE-45° C6502-45 ... 80424 V6BU M-SE-45 Swivel Nut 45° Elbow
F-SRT C6602 51854 80432 R6BU MSRT Swivel Nut Run Tee
F-GE C6801 51839 80320 C5BU MGE Straight Thread O-Ring 90° Elbow
F-GE-45° C6802-45 51842 80320 V5BU M-GE-45 Straight Thread O-Ring 45° Elbow
F-GBT C6803-NWO 51841 80429 S5BU MGBT Straight Thread O-Ring Branch Tee
F-GRT C6804-NOW 51892 80428 R5BU MGRT Straight Thread O-Ring Run Tee

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