Omega-Seal Offers New and Unique Advantages to Your Tube Fittings

OmegaOne offers unique solution to fittings | Cleveland, Ohio

OmegaOne is here to announce a new product line that many of our customers have been asking for! Omega-Seal is a line of O-Ring Face Seal fittings from OmegaOne. This new fitting has many advantages for your tube applications.

Advantages of Omega-Seal Fittings

O-ring face seal is fairly common in our industry. OmegaOne named our line Omega-Seal. The difference between the Omega-Seal fitting and other fittings we make which use o-rings, is that the o-ring seals on the face of the fitting. 

As with our other fittings, there are three main components, fitting body, nut, and sleeve.  There are two different type of sleeves used with o-ring face seal fittings, a mechanical sleeve and a braze sleeve.  OmegaOne is manufacturing both type of sleeves.   

High-Quality Seals

These fittings are really easy to service and change if need be. They are very commonly used in shipbuilding and CNG as they offer a leak-free connection up to 9000 PSA and can handle a wide variety of temperatures applications involving vibration. Additionally, the o-ring face seal offers the best sealing solution over the other style of tube fittings we manufacture and operates at higher pressures. 

When you need the best sealing solution at higher pressures, contact us at OmegaOne to discuss Omega Seal. We are available to answer any questions you may of about this new line or any of our other tube, pipe or hose fittings and to help you start an order.
OmegaOne offers unique solution to fittings | Cleveland, Ohio

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