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Fittings made easy at OmegaOne

At OmegaOne, we manufacture a wide variety of stainless steel pipe fittings and pipe accessories to fit a multitude of application across all industries. Whether you need a fitting that works well in extreme temperatures or pressures, OmegaOne has the fitting you need. 

A few of our product lines have changed over the years as a result of the merger between OmegaOne and AMFM. To provide clarity, we changed the names of our product line to make ourselves more customer-friendly. After all, OmegaOne makes fittings easy!

OmegaOne Product Line:

Omega Flare

One of our more popular sellers is the 37 degrees standard JIC flare fitting.

Omega K-Flare

The Omega K-Flare fitting is very similar to the Omega Flare, but it has a Teflon gasket seal machined into the 37-degree nose. The reason this line is called the "K" Flare is because of the Kennedy Space Center.

Omega Bite

The Omega Bite is a single ferrule "bite-type" or compression style fitting. The SAE Flareless fitting and it is manufactured per the SAE H514 standard, the same as the flare fitting.

Omega Seal

Omega Seal is our newest product line and is a face seal fitting; it's manufactured to the SAE G1453 standard.

Omega Pipe

The Omega Pipeline is our standard pipe fitting line. That is an NTPF pipe thread fitting, SAE J514.

Omega Hose

We have hose barb, M2HC and push-on style hose fittings in rubber or Teflon hoses. We also have metal hose fittings and female hose pipe fittings.

AMFM Braid Bands

The AMFM Braid Bands were originally a product of AMFM, hence the name. These are available in a variety of materials and sizes.

AMFM Wrapped Bands

The AMFM Wrapped Band accompany the AMFM Braid Bands. The wrap bands take over where the fixed solid braid bands leave off in sizing increments to personally your applications even more. 

Our products are manufactured with complete material traceability which guarantees you're getting the best product. Likewise, our customer service really makes the whole process seamless and truly easy for you to find the right fitting for your application. 

If you need fittings, OmegaOne is the place to go. We make fitting easy with our customer-friendly catalog and exceptional customer service. If you have any questions, contact us today!

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