OmegaOne Makes Fittings Easy with Our Product Line Overview

OmegaOne makes finding your fittings easy. No matter your application, we have the fittings you need to keep your parts working for you. Our conveniently named product lines and great customer service representatives are available to help you get exactly what you need.

OmegaOne Product Line Overview

We named the product lines to give the product lines each their own specific identity and to make them easier to navigate. 

The first line is our Omega Flare Line, and that's the standard J514, 37-degree nose on there. 

Our next line is the K Flare Line, which is standard fitting per the SAE J514, but it adds a Teflon seal on the nose. It's an extra groove machined in the nose of the fitting. And then we put this Teflon gasket in there, and that allows for a little more enhancement at the ceiling point. It is a standard to a thread. 

The next line is the Omega Bite Fitting Line, and that is our flareless, sometimes called compression fitting line. An Omega Bite fitting is usually identified by the fact that it has this gray molly coating nut on it which adds lubrication. These products are sold as an assembly to help with bite-type sleeves.

Next, we have the Omega Seal Fitting Line which is the O-ring Face-Seal Line again manufactured for the SAE standard. In this particular application, we've got the nitrile O-ring in there for a CNG application; and that's what the yellow tagging on the Face-Seal Line denotes a pipe thread. 

The last fitting line that we manufacture is the Hose Fitting Line. We have hose barb, M2HC and push-on style hose fittings in rubber or Teflon hoses. We also have metal hose fittings and female hose pipe fittings.

These are the primary fitting lines that OmegaOne manufacturers; to learn more about these lines download the full catalog or contact our sales teams with any questions that you may have.

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