The Advantages of Working with OmegaOne -- The Stainless-Steel Fittings You Need

Advantages of working with OmegaOne | Cleveland, Ohio

OmegaOne is a manufacturer of stainless-steel fittings and AMFM braid bands. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with unique advantages in regards to your fitting needs. 

OmegaOne is Certified and Capable

As an ISO certified stocking manufacturer, we are able to provide a full line of stainless-steel hydraulic fittings and adapters as well as the AMFM braid bands with very short lead times.

Fitting made easy with customer service from OmegaOne | Cleveland, Ohio

We have a very generous inventory but if you request a part that we happen to not have in stock, chances are it is already in production. 

Responsive and Knowledgable Customer Service

Likewise, if you are in need of custom fittings, we have some of the most responsive customer service and shortest lead times. Many other manufacturers actually call us to help them produce some of the special orders that they are not capable of making.

Our customer service team is also able to help you with questions and concerns about your fittings and your applications. Many customers often have questions about specific industry standards such as military specifications. 

Our team is very versed in all of our products and can help you understand by talking about finding the right fittings, testing the fittings, or even the various certifications that are necessary for each product.

When it comes to AMFM braid bands, it can be difficult for some users to know which sizes they will need for their metal hoses. OmegaOne can help you find the exact fit you need by providing samples and working through past orders of similar nature. 

We're all about service and delivery!

Our Website Helps You Find What You Need

Another one of our very competitive advantages is our user-friendly and information packed website. We list all of our products and capabilities online so that you can browse all we have to offer through our catalogs. You can even request a quote for your order right on our site!

If you are in need of high-quality fittings from with excellent customer service, contact us at OmegaOne today.

Advantages of working with OmegaOne | Cleveland, Ohio

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