Why Choose OmegaOne for Your Stainless Steel Fittings?

Why Choose OmegaOne for Your Stainless Steel Fittings? | Stainless Steel Tube Fittings

OmegaOne is a premier provider of fittings including stainless steel tube and pipe fittings, and AMFM braid bands. There are a lot of reasons why OmegaOne is one of the best manufacturers of steel fittings.

Why Customers Love OmegaOne

We are an ISO certified stocking manufacturer with a generous inventory, short lead times, and we are always 100% here for our customers. Though our prices are not the industry low, they are a great competitive price for the quality you get with us. 

Unique Fittings

Custom fittings at OmegaOne | Cleveland, OhioA couple of years ago, a distributor came to us and was looking for a particular kind of fitting that one of the major stainless-steel fittings suppliers was unable to produce wasn't a standard product of ours. 

In order to produce this product, we researched how to work this product and worked with the distributor to make this unique product for them. It was a multi-month process of research, manufacturing, getting the standard up to speed, and then educating. We achieved the delivery targets, and we were able to offer a competitive product at a better price with a short lead time and ultimately served our customer's customer.

The product we developed for them is now called the KTX, and this is a version of the 37-degree JIC fitting our TX line. But, it has this extra feature this Teflon seal, and that's derived out of the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) standards. They needed a fitting that required a higher caliber thread than what we produce.

We make this fitting in a couple of different configurations, and we've been making that product for a couple of years.

If you need fittings that are uncommon or need a specialty product, we can make it happen for you at a competitive price! Contact OmegaOne for any questions or visit our website to see our complete catalog and specialty projects

Why Choose OmegaOne for Your Stainless Steel Fittings? | Stainless Steel Tube Fittings

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